Splish Splash to ADVENTURE and BEYOND

It's Spa-ctacular!


A day at Acquaree will draw a lasting smile on your kids. Bringing a fresh concept of play and leisure, Acquaree is the first kid-friendly spa circuit in Indonesia.It boasts a range of the fun and interactive courses where little ones can safely channel their inner spirit and imagination. One of the highlights here is the Mud Room - a healthy excuse to get dirty by using mud as a therapeutic treatment, while other inviting activities include mud rinsing in the Rain Forest and splish-splashing in the Water Playground.


Kids Approved!

Nothing beats your kids happy but first thing first, safety. Acquaree has a full time team of welltrained attendants dedicated to ensure a safe and injury-proof environment for all, where kids can enjoy the entertaining facilities and healthy benefits of kids spa. as kids have their own stress too, acquaree's playful yet therapeutic method will help boost their mood and concentration, as well as improve skincare.


Get Set, Go!

Here's the delightful journey in acquaree to surprise the kids. note that kids must change into a proper bathing suit or wet suit and rinse off their body before starting off.


Much More!

There are plenty of other things to check out in Acquaree. Take advantage of the available amenities and service exclusively arranged for kids, from toddler play area, outdoor playground, healthy bar, child-friendly locker and changing station.