Magical Easter Egg Hunting Journey

Wednesday 08 May 2019

Magical Easter Egg Hunting Journey

Saturday, March 28, 2015 The Acquaree Spa Journey held a "Magical Easter Egg Hunting Journey". This Easter-themed event presents children's activities such as Egg Hunting, Egg Coloring, Egg Eating, Mom & Kid Egg Decoration

Other News

Kids Dance Competition

Let join the Acquaree Spa Journey peresent kids dance compotition for Ages 5-12years, Max 5 people /group, Song from the committee and to membership acquaree and other vouchers.

GONG XI FA COI Lunar Promo Kids.

The Acquaree Spa Journey provides a Special promo in February 2019.


The Water Rides game in this arena is a new thing in Indonesia, even the Acquaree Spa Journey is the first for Indonesia to have Wahana Journey which is different from other places